Foundation Repair Costs

Foundation repair costs can vary greatly from one contractor to the next and price has a multitude of contributing factors. One of the many factors would be the method used.


One of the waterproofing methods that we recommend, utilizes a product that costs over $175 per pail. Cheaper products on the market can cost as low as $35 per pail. There is a huge difference between what each is capable of and when each should be used in a remedial situation.

Another example of how methods can affect price would be the following scenario: Company “ABC” uses high quality products that suit the job and follow the ideal specifications for application and use. The engineering that went into the design of the structural portion of their project allows for no possible failure. Company “XYZ” uses the cheap products and rushes the job to save time. The structural portion of their project has limitations and should be improved. In a lot of cases no Engineering or Permits have been obtained. Company “XYZ’s” project is done with less cost. Abarent Construction prefers to operate like company “ABC” to give you proven, long-term solutions.


Price can vary between companies due to their Business Plan or possibly lack of one. I see companies yearly that come and go. Most often the company that operates out of their garage or back yard and has no investment in the community is more likely the company that you’ll have a problem with. Be cautious in hiring any company. Question length of time in business and who carries the responsibility for the company. I have witnessed several new companies in our industry the last couple of years profess lengthy time being in business. One in particular states that they have been “Specializing since 1989” when in fact they have been in business for less than 3 years. Ask questions!!

Abarent Construction maintains a business location where we maintain an office and sales staff to serve your concerns quickly.  Our warehouse allows us to buy quantities of materials at a more economical rate.  We have a solid Business Plan to help stay on track and have built a valued reputation that serves hundreds of clients each year.  Abarent Construction has been in business for over 27 years and plan on being around for many more years to serve our clients and community. We do have overhead, which is incorporated into the cost of our work.  This is part of doing business with a company that’s building for the future.


Too often the consumer fails to understand what a warranty covers. People tend to glance at a number and think that all of their problems are covered for “X” amount of years. I have to chuckle when I reflect on the memory of a few years ago when I had the chance to read the fine print of a competitor’s warranty “blurb”. Effectively this company was going to warranty the products that they used would still exist in 25 years.

At Abarent Construction our warranty covers any defects in either workmanship and / or materials for the time frame indicated. Warranty periods vary according to the method used. I do not hesitate to tell you that we have had instance to return to a house. When this has happened, we give it our immediate attention and spare no expense to make things right. Profit on the job becomes secondary. We have had to return to less than 1% of our jobs and ultimately even these are 100% successful. The moral of the story is, be aware of what exactly the warranty is and what kind of company is backing it up.


The best piece of advice I can offer is to always ask questions and make yourself aware of all the details pertaining to your project.  I will always make myself available to answer any question a client may have.  At Abarent Construction we do not hesitate to provide references, WCB clearances, proof of Liability Insurance or license numbers. Feel free to drop by our office location or talk to any of our product suppliers. I truly look forward to being of service to you and hope that this info letter has helped you in your process.

Kevin Braddell, President of Abarent Construction