Making Sense of the Estimating and Work Process


    • Client request information is taken by our office manager and an appointment is scheduled with an estimator
    • General manager reviews all client requests and scheduled appointments
    • Appointment confirmation is done by the estimator or office manager
    • Estimator meets the client on-site and reviews all the information
    • Estimator provides a written detailed estimate on what is required
    • Estimator provides the client with a comprehensive reference package and proof of licensing
    • General manager reviews all estimates written by estimators
    • Estimator follows up with the client to answer any further questions


    • Contract is approved by the client
    • Office manager schedules a utility locate
    • Work is scheduled by the general manager and client is notified (this occurs every Monday)
    • If necessary, engineering and permits are obtained
    • Crew is orientated and sent out to the project with an experienced foreman (all safety and client concerns are discussed)
    • Estimator visits the project as required during the project
    • Projects are reviewed every morning by management with the crew superintendent
    • Client is updated by the office manager on daily progress
    • Superintendent inspects the completed project prior to invoicing
    • Office manager contacts the client to confirm project satisfaction and arranges to deliver the invoice


    Hiring a contractor can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially when the project at hand involves a specialty industry such as foundation repair. Opinions, methods, and prices vary for each company and sometimes the differences can be so dramatic that you start to doubt everyone.

    At Abarent Construction we like to take a “LOGICAL” approach. What is being recommended has to make sense to you…the client. We appreciate the opportunity to explain the differences between our quotation and others. There are always reasons for differences and it is part of our job to help you understand exactly what your options are and what you are getting for your money.

    Whether it’s foundation waterproofing or a structural project, let us help you understand answers to some of the common questions and concerns that we’ve noticed people have faced over the years.