This is how much screw pile installation cost in Edmonton

Screw Piles or Helical Piles have many application advantages. For most places that a pile for support is required, a screw pile or helical screw pile can be installed as an economical and effective alternative. Especially where problem soils exist.

  •  Foundation Piles
  • Column Supports
  • Portable Structures and Modular Building Foundations
  • Tie-Back Retention
  • Pipe Racks
  • Pipe Line Anchors
  • Structural Slab Support (Tension and Compression)
  • Large Signs
  • Underpinning

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Screw Piles, also known as helical piles or Helical piers, are a very basic yet impressive product that enhances pile foundation stability. They consist of a shaft/pipe and a helix (which is much like a single rotation of a screw). Helical Piers “Screw Piles” were first used in England, invented and patented by Alexander Mitchell sometime around 1830. Some of the original installed piles installed in that era have been analyzed and have been found to have not lost any of their integral strength.

Helical screw piles estimate


  • Little soil disturbance. Excellent performance with little to no vibration and very little soil disturbance during piles installation results in minimal environmental impact.
  • These piles, often featuring galvanization for added durability, also resist upward forces excellently.
     This is especially important in expansive soil. The helix is anchored in competent load bearing soil and the frictional forces along the shaft are negligible compared to the end bearing force.
  • Screw Piles are designed as a “True End Bearing Pile” only, with impressive load-bearing capacity. Any minimal “skin friction” on the side of the pile shaft is not calculated into the piles required capacity. The amount of weight the pile can handle is governed by the bottom of the pile (Helix plate). This creates confidence in the Helical Pier System to perform in soils where moisture levels change (which would change the parameters upon which any friction pile would work). Keeping in mind that the most common reason for foundation settlement is shrinkage of the soils due to moisture loss, the Helical Pier, with its excellent frost heave resistance, is the most practical choice for the Engineering community.


The pile cost for helical screw pile installation can vary widely depending on several factors such as the location, soil conditions, project requirements, and the size and type of piles foundation needed.
As a result, it is difficult to provide an average cost without knowing the specific details of a project.

Rough price estimate

However, as a rough estimate, helical screw pile installation costs can range from $1,500 to $5,000 per pile, depending on project requirements and pile diameter.
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  • How are helical screw piles installed in Edmonton?  Screw piling is a fast and comfortable process. Helical screw piles are installed using specialized machinery that rotates the pile into the ground while applying a downward force. The depth of installation and the torque correlation are monitored to ensure proper installation and capacity, enhancing overall performance.
  • What types of structures can be supported with helical screw piles? Helical screw piles can be used to support a wide range of structures, including residential and commercial buildings, bridges, towers, and retaining walls, providing great lateral stability.
  • How do I determine the appropriate size and type of helical screw pile for my project to ensure quality and sturdy support? The size and type of helical screw pile needed for a project depend on several factors, such as the weight and type of structure to be supported, soil and ground conditions, and the design requirements of the project. A qualified engineer or helical screw pile contractor can help determine the appropriate size and type of pile for a specific project through a comprehensive geotechnical assessment.
  • What is the impressive lifespan of helical screw piles in Edmonton’s soil conditions? Helical screw piles are designed to provide long-lasting support for structures, and their lifespan can vary depending on the soil and ground conditions, the design of the structure being supported, and other factors, with load testing ensuring their long-term performance.
    However, properly installed and maintained helical screw piles can last for decades or even centuries.
  • Can helical screw piles be comfortably installed in areas with limited access, such as in St-Albert? Yes, helical screw piles can be installed in areas with limited access, such as remote or confined sites, where other types of foundation systems may be impractical or impossible to install, thanks to specialized installation equipment.
    They can be installed using smaller equipment and require less space for installation compared to other foundation systems.


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