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Whether it is a new PWF (Preserved Wood Foundation) basement or an interior structural basement wall system that needs upgrading, repairing or even replacing. Abarent has the engineering and construction capability to serve your basement’s specific needs. We have evolved the PWF process over the past 20 years and have set the industry standard for PWF reinforcement walls.

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Get the Abarent advantage

  • Is your foundation wall bowing or deflecting inwards? Our proprietary PWF interior reinforcement wall can arrest this movement and provide the required structural support. Let us show you the advantage of our system.
  • We ensure that every attribute of the PWF wall system is engineered with long-term success in mind. The fundamental elements of the PWF system that are often overlooked by competitors are never missed by our Quality Control system and Engineering Inspection that follows every aspect of a project.
  • Be sure that your PWF system is designed and inspected by a qualified Engineer experienced in this type of remedial wall.

What our customers say:

Andrew Campbell

(After a record-breaking rainfall in July 2012 and days before we were leaving on vacation, we returned home and) found that our basement was flooded….

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John Baker

Abarent provided a 3-page, itemized list of the specific work to be done at each stage of the project, including descriptions of optional issues (incl…

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