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Weeping Tile Installation in Vancouver

What is Weeping Tile?

Weeping tile is essentially a drainage system to keep water away from the foundation of a building. Despite its name, weeping tile isn’t actually tiles! This is a reference back to the days when terracotta pipes were used for drainage.

Today, weeping tiles refer to a system of plastic pipes with holes or small slits that are laid horizontally. What is weeping tile for? They are used to collect excess ground water and prevent flooding and foundation damage.

How Does Weeping Tile Work?

The purpose of weeping tile is to divert water. There are external (along the outside wall of a building) and internal (along the inside wall of a basement) weeping tile systems you can choose one or use both if you live in an area with a high water table or risk of flooding.

There are several benefits to weeping tile systems, they:

  • Keep water away from your foundation.
  • Prevent flooding during rain storms and spring melt.
    • Prolong the lifespan of your foundation.


How to Install Weeping Tile

There are variations in the types of weeping tile and installation methods. Abarent employs weeping tile installation and repair professionals that can get the job done right!

Interior Weeping Tile Installation

Interior weeping tile installation is the more affordable solution, which is great for your budget if you live in an area that doesn’t have a high flood risk. This might be all you need to keep your basement dry! An internal system is installed along the inside wall of the basement. The pipes are positioned horizontally so if the water level rises it will be captured by the system.

Exterior Weeping Tile Installation

  1. If your home does happen to be in an area with a higher risk of flooding you might want the added protection of exterior weeping tile. An external system works by digging a small trench on the external perimeter of a building. If you combine external weeping tile with foundation waterproofing, that will provide you peace of mind that your home is secure from water seeping in.


Weeping Tile Installation & Repair

Maintain Your Weeping Tile

Your weeping tile system does need a little help in doing its job! You should conduct a check to make sure you check that:

  • Gutters are not clogged and the downspout are in good shape.
  • Window wells are in good condition.
  • Soil doesn’t feel spongy or for pools of water around your property.
  • Weeping tile isn’t plugged.

If you want to diagnose if your weeping tiles is plugged look for the following signs:

  • Cracks in your basement walls or floor.
  • Pools of water or dampness around your basement windows or on the floor.
  • You can smell an overpowering musty odor, or visually see mold or mildew on the walls or floor.
  • Peeling or stained walls.
  • If the weeping tile is working properly, the sump pit should fill with water as intended. If it’s not, it’s blocked or broken.

Weeping Tile Repair & Installation

You may need weeping tile installation if you have an older home and it doesn’t have it installed yet. Weeping tile is a must if it was built before being made mandatory in the building code (1958).

If you are also experiencing some of the issues mentioned above, you may want to have it inspected and consider a weeping tile repair. We may be able to diagnose if there has been excess sediment buildup, if your weeping tile has collapsed, or even if tree roots have shifted causing damage to the system.

Get A Weeping Tile Estimate

Keeping your weeping tile in working condition is incredibly important because it is an essential part of your drainage system that keeps water, which can cause a massive amount of damage, out of your home.

Contact our Vancouver team for more information or an estimate on weeping tile installation or repair costs.

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