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Before You Hire A Contractor

Before you hire your contractor, ask questions! You should have a positive response to all questions before hiring. Keep this as a handy check list.


  • Has the contractor provided you with references for work done by their company similar to work you are considering?
  • Has the contractor provided you with trade and supplier references? It is important that the company be stable and financially secure, especially when warranties on work are so important.
  • Have you checked several of the contractor’s references with satisfactory results?

Liability, Insurance and Safety

  • Are you satisfied that the contractor has adequate WCB coverage. Be aware that as a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that proper WCB insurance coverage is in place, otherwise “the property owner” could be held liable for the workers injuries. (Even the contractor’s employees).
  • Have you confirmed the contractor has adequate Liability and Damage Insurance. You should be sure you are covered for damage to your property due to your contractor’s work as well as coverage against accidents on the job-site.
  • Does the contractor have a safety policy in effect for all of its employees? Non-adherence to Occupational Health and Safety guidelines do have an effect on the property owner should there be a problem.
  • Is the contractor following the requirements of the Alberta Building Code as well as local municipal requirements?
  • Is the contractor licensed with Consumer and Corporate Affairs as a Pre-Paid Contractor to legally be able to accept a deposit or progress payment? (You should ask for a copy of his license).

Credibility & Experience

  • Is the company you are considering hiring a “home based company” or possibly a “part-time affair” for the owner? You want to make sure that the company you deal with has solid business ties in the community with an investment in its future and a solid business plan. Remember, you are spending good money to ensure that the problem is solved properly, but should further problems arise, you want to be sure that the company will be around in the future to honor any warranty.
  • Does the company you are considering hiring have an infrastructure to handle its clients (Office Staff, Estimator, Foreman, Superintendent, Company Engineer etc.)
  • Is the contractor an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau, and in good standing?
  • How long has the company been in business and what experience do its employees have?

Informed Choices

  • Does the contractor provide you with choices and adequate information for you to make intelligent decisions?
  • Has the contractor provided you with a detailed Contract that goes over the specifics of your project, costs and specifications for products to be used?
  • Is the contractor concerned with your requirements, both financial and otherwise?
  • Has the contractor explained and described the products and methods intended for use in your project?
  • How does the company price its projects? Do not be afraid to ask how the end price is derived.

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