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Kopella – Water Seepage

This house is 1960’s built house that had issues with water seepage and a minor horizontal wall fracture. This horizontal fracture in this particular foundation did not display any notable deflection. But with any horizontal fracture we consider it structural and look to reduce lateral loads so as to decrease the chance of future inward deflection. In some cases we will recommend an interior structure wall for reinforcement, or as in this case, monitoring for a period of time after our project.

Project Goals

  • Waterproof the foundation wall
  • Relieve lateral pressure on the foundation
  • Install weeping tile for footing drainage
  • Install a sump system to drain weeping tile

Our Approach

There was a significant amount of concrete to remove prior to excavation. This was done after which excavation was completed. We found that some areas had been repaired previously by others with tar and poly. This repair had failed and had to be removed. We were then able to chip out all fractures and patch them with hydraulic cement.

  • A liquid rubber membrane was applied and weeping tile installed around the entire perimeter of the house and connected to an interior sump system.
  • The exterior excavation was backfilled with stone. This backfill change is important for several reasons with this particular house:
    • Reduction of lateral loads on the foundation wall. Expansive clay can cause pressures, which create substrate deflection. Stone backfill will drastically reduce these lateral loads in removal of the adjacent expansive clay.
    • Stone backfill assists with hydration of the footing area due to the immediate passage of water through the washed stone to the perforated weeping tile installed beside the footing. The perforations help with footing area hydration. This hydration is important during drought seasons where the expansive clay we have dries out and shrinks, creating settlement. This is especially imperative in your situation where you have a very shallow footing (within the active soil layer) that is more susceptible to changes in seasonal moisture changes.

What our customers say

We have had our fair share of unremarkable and even troublesome experiences with other contractors, so you guys were certainly a breath of fresh air. An honest contractor, bang on with the timeline, finished on time, within budget, your "nothing is too much trouble" attitude...and a job well done.

Michael Abbott

Access to the site was a challenge. Material to be removed and replaced had to be loaded into wheelbarrows and pushed uphill and down. It was an arduous undertaking and the men on the job worked very hard. The work ethic and discipline of the crew was impressive. As well, we were very pleased with the workmanship and clean-up following completion of the project.

Owen and Linda De Bathe

The basement and foundation repair services of Abarent Construction Edmonton were effective, efficient and timely in all aspects in addressing the tiny, hairline crack, the first crack in 26 years due to the bizarre freezing and thawing that occurred this year, along a foundation wall. Jim and Lannie, the two gentlemen that performed the work explained what they observed and assured us that the two day work plan was well in hand. They were polite, hardworking and thorough in their inspection and remediation as they also confirmed the weeping tile was in good condition.

Mark Whetstone

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. After this past weekend's deluge, our basement was left completely dry.

Aileen & Wayne Dembicki

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