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LaForge – Underpinning and Foundation Repair

This 1970’s house had symptoms of differential foundation movement and settlement.  This was a revenue property with a long-term sale goal for the client.  The client wanted to be sure that their foundation settlement issues had been resolved.  We elected to use screw piles to underpin the entire foundation.  Due to backfill heights we decided that the existing expansive clay backfill would be changed to stone to drastically reduce the lateral loads on the foundation wall.


  • Stabilize the foundation to prevent further settlement
  • Perform Project Engineering and Obtain Building Permits
  • Relieve lateral pressure on the foundation
  • Waterproof foundation
  • Install weeping tile for footing drainage
  • Install a sump system to drain weeping tile


  • Project Engineering was completed and a Building Permit was obtained from the City of Edmonton.
  • A soil bore hole was done and helical piles for underpinning were designed specific to the site requirements.
  • Piles were successfully installed and design torques were achieved.
  • We waterproofed the exterior wall, installed weeping tile and a sump system.
  • The exterior was backfilled with washed stone to reduce lateral loads on the foundation.
  • All required inspections were performed and passed. The client was able to move on with a stabilized and waterproofed foundation. A year later they sold their house with no issue.

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