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Kirk – Floor Lowering Using PWF

This 1940’s house had a basement with only 6 feet of headroom.  The client wanted to expand their living space into the basement, but required 7’8” or more head room to accomplish this.


  • Increase basement head room from 6 feet to 8 feet
  • Structurally reinforce all foundation walls
  • Control foundation water
  • Upgrade sewer, water and electrical
  • Perform Project Engineering and Obtain Building Permits


  • Project Engineering was completed and a Building Permit was obtained from the City of Edmonton.
  • We installed a structural concrete ledge around the base of the chimney to provide support as we were going down in floor elevation more than 2 feet.
  • Hotwater tank was lowered onto a temporary pad and the furnace was strapped up.
  • New center beam column pads were installed at a new lower elevation.
  • A new large window was cut in for a future bedroom location’s fire egress.
  • The basement floor was lowered and all dirt hauled out.
  • An interior water control mat was installed using System Platon that drained any foundation water into a drainage layer under the PWF wall that was being installed.
  • An interior PWF structural reinforcement wall was constructed on the interior perimeter to provide structure support. This wall was inspected and passed by an Engineer at completion.
  • New sewer and water lines were installed along with interior under floor plumbing for future bathroom etc.
  • A sump system was installed to drain all potential water on a controlled basis
  • A new electrical service was installed with a new panel and new location.
  • Hydronic heating (in-floor water tubes) was installed prior to pouring the new basement floor.
  • All required inspections were performed and passed. The homeowner was able to move ahead with developing his basement with his newly increased “headroom”.

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