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Eagle Ridge – Bridge Panel Underpinning

A bridge had been constructed by the developer of a sub-division.  During turnover to the local municipality Engineers noticed that the outer concrete panels for the bridge were moving and out of alignment.  Before turn over could be completed the developer had to correct the problem.  Due to the location and traffic, access with large machinery would be an issue.  Our tight access pile installation and excavating equipment would be perfect for this project.


  • Stabilize panels and prevent any further movement
  • Lift and level panels to intended elevations


  • Soils bore holes were done, loads required were calculated and then piles were designed
  • We used our 331E Bobcat excavator to excavate the footings. Depth was approximately 5 feet.
  • Our SVL90 Kubotta with 12,000 foot-lb drive head installed piles in sections to the required depth of 28 feet.
  • Underpinning brackets were attached to the top of the piles
  • Lift assemblies were attached to the brackets and 20 Ton jacks installed
  • Footing and panels were lifted back into position and piles loaded.
  • Site was backfilled. The client passed all Engineering requirements and turnover to the county was successful.

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