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Weeping Tile Installation & Repair in Edmonton

What is weeping tile? Contrary to the “tile” word being used to name it, Weeping tile is actually a porous drain pipe that is used for underground water collection, or underground water drainage. Weeping tile is typically located beside the footing on a foundation wall. This weeping tile allows ground water to drain into it then run to the sewer or a sump system (this will depend on the age and municipal location of the house). There are occasions where existing weeping tile may need to be replaced. This can occur when old style clay weeping tile becomes dysfunctional or new style plastic weeping tile gets clogged with sediment or tree roots. There are different types of weeping tile and specific requirements for safe installation. Let the Edmonton weeping tile installation & repair professionals at Abarent Construction provide this service to you for problem free results. Contact us for Weeping tile installation and repair quotes and information.

Do you need weeping tile?

  • You may need weeping tile if your house was built prior to Building Code requiring it
  • You may need to replace your existing weeping tile if you have symptoms of ground water intrusion at the footing wall join or from under the floor slab
  • Inspection of existing weeping tile may identify issues such as sediment buildup, tree roots or weeping tile collapse
Our professional inspectors can access your situation and help you understand your requirements and then provide you with choices as to the type of weeping tile required for your situation.

What our customers say:

Andrew Campbell

(After a record-breaking rainfall in July 2012 and days before we were leaving on vacation, we returned home and) found that our basement was flooded…The Abarent team had done what I thought was impossible. They installed the weeping tile in two days over the long weekend and on a very tight deadline. Their crew was very professional and know what they were doing… Two days before our vacation, the project was complete and we were able to leave and enjoy our family vacation without worrying about flooding.Read more

Bobbi Beeson

It’s no surprise that repairing a home’s foundation and all that comes with the project would be a stressful, messy and unpredicatable job. Kevin and his team took the time to ensure the job was done well and done right. Kevin communicated with us every step of the way and always told us the truth whether it was good news or not. Personally, feeling secure that someone is being truthful is a big deal for me when dealing in an area that is not my forte. I appreciated his candor.Read more