Our Case Histories

Baker – New Foundation

Our client had an old historic house in Old Glenora that he wanted to renovate. He was interested in dealing with a failing foundation with low ceiling height and add significantly to his living space. The client already had a General Contractor to handle the renovation of his house but needed an experienced company to perform all of the foundation replacement and structural work.

Project Goals

  • Replace foundation with an 8’6” height foundation wall
  • Add a full height foundation on the rear of the house for an addition
  • Install a steel center beam and replace all structural supports
  • Install a new beam and supports under the front veranda
  • Install new water and sewer lines
  • Install a new basement floor
  • Install new weeping tile, foundation membrane and an interior sump system

Our Approach

  • Given the tight access of the project and the close proximity of the neighboring houses, we chose to excavate the rear addition first, gaining access from the rear of the property.
  • Once the rear addition was excavated, we then had steel carrying beams installed under the house and the house was lifted up on the air above where the top of the new foundation would be.
  • The existing basement was accessed from a ramp excavated in the front of the house. The basement was excavated and all debris removed.
  • New footings and foundation walls were installed.
  • New weeping tile, sump and foundation coatings were installed after which a new steel center beam was installed and the house lowered onto its new home.
  • We back-filled and the homeowner carried on with his renovation.

Our client had this to say

“Repairing a foundation is a very traumatic event for any householder because all of your house investment is (literally!) in the air. If you have to do it, call Abarent. They are professional – we cannot recommend them highly enough.”

What our customers say:

Woodvale Colony Park and Estate Management

(We) were very pleased with the services that your company provided to Woodvale Colony Park, and especially appreciated your efforts in helping us understand and resolve the problem. We would not hesitate in recommending your company for future work.Read more

Bobbi Beeson

It’s no surprise that repairing a home’s foundation and all that comes with the project would be a stressful, messy and unpredicatable job. Kevin and his team took the time to ensure the job was done well and done right. Kevin communicated with us every step of the way and always told us the truth whether it was good news or not. Personally, feeling secure that someone is being truthful is a big deal for me when dealing in an area that is not my forte. I appreciated his candor.Read more